• Key Points

      1. When purchasing a grill cover keep the following points in mind:


      1. Grill covers are tailored to fit the shape of most grills. If the angled points in the material are wider or more narrow than the grill itself problems can develop in either of the following ways.

      2. A) Oversized covers hold in moisture by draping all the way to the ground, extra moisture rots a grill faster.

      3. B) Undersized grill covers rub on the corners of the shelf and are more prone to tearing at those friction points. Essentially the perfect size of cover should allow the grill to breath and fit it comfortably.

      4. Hook and Loop closures keep the cover in place in the wind, the small hook and loop tabs may seem unimportant but they’re the only thing keeping a grill cover in place and out of your neighbour’s yard in the wind.

      5. Handles on a grill cover make it easy to place and remove as they are located in optimal lift points to keep the cover from snagging on the way off and on.

      6. A hanging loop allows a wet grill cover to dry and a dry grill cover to stay dry when not in use. A heap of balled up grill cover next to your grill not only looks bad but also retains moisture and invites insects and other pest to turn it into a habitat.


  • Steps to buying a grill cover

      1. 1. Using a tape measure establish the length, depth, and height of your grill. Write down these measurements.


      1. 2. At the grilling store; choose which grill cover best suits your needs. Higher quality covers are more durable, last longer and offer more handy features.

      2. Economy PEVA Covers

      3. These covers are made from 6/12 gauge PEVA; the Velcro straps aid in ensuring your cover stays in place. The diamond pattern embossing adds to the look of these covers.

      4. Quality PEVA Covers

      5. These grill covers are made from 8/14 gauge PEVA and have a polyester backing to strengthen and add to the tear resistance of these covers. The Velcro straps aid in ensuring your cover stays in place.

      6. Premium PEVA Covers

      7. These covers are made from a thick PEVA material with a heavy polyester backing to strengthen and add to the tear resistance of these cover. The hook and loop closures aid in ensuring your cover stays in place; has a hanging loop for convenient storage. These covers are also reversible.

      8. Heavy Duty Polyester Cover

      9. These covers are made from heavy duty woven polyester and a PVC backing with PVC seam piping. This two tone cover has Velcro closures to secure the cover to your grill and a hanging loop for convenient storage. The Nylon handles aid in placing and removing the cover.

      11. 3. Compare the measurement from your grill with the measurements on the grill cover packaging, easily identifiable by the graphic below. Find a cover that fits your grill measurements and relax knowing that protecting your grill from the elements when not in use will help it last for years longer. * click on the part numbers below to get directed to the specific cover.

      50" 51" 52" 53" 56" 58" 60" 63" 65" 66" 68" 70.5" 72" 73" 76"
      Economy Grill Covers 84152 84156 84160 84168
      Quality Grill Covers 50052 50057 50061 50068
      Premium Grill Covers 50052 50057 50561 50565 50568 50574